About ECOlletion

ECOllection was founded by Sydneysiders in 2019, our mission is to change the way fashion industry has been operating. We have always been passionate about fashion but disappointed by its consumerism and unsustainability characteristics.

Being made aware of the severe impact of fast fashion, plastic and the waste its producing we devote ourselves in looking for an alternative sustainable fashion. Every product is carefully curated from international and local designers that shares the same values with ours. This is the start of our journey and below are our three core values:

1. Eco Driven

Focused on sourcing products that: are made and packaged from recyclable materials; are energy-efficient; are non-toxic in nature; have minimum greenhouse gas emissions; require less water in production

2. Ethical Driven

Focused on making responsible decisions and only partnering with companies whose practices are transparent and treat their employees with ethical integrity.

3. Customer Driven

Being authentic and transparent in delivering well-designed and high-quality products, providing friendly customer experience.